The Farmers Wife

The early morning sun was shimmering through my window blind. It shined on my bare legs and ass, as I stretched and squirmed in my nice soft bed. I was only wearing a small white t-shirt because my husband and I had fooled around the night before and heaven only knows where my panties were at. I had just awakened to the sound of a roaring engine. It was my husband on his Massey Ferguson tractor. He was already up and out working in the field. I was laying there thinking of his nice muscular body doing his manly work. Fantasing about his big arms and tight chest muscles, made me tingle and become a little wet inside. I could not lay there any longer, I had to get up and take a peek at him through my bed room window. I decided to walk out on our porch. One good thing about being a country bumpkin is that you can go outside naked as often as you want. As I stood out on the porch, leaning against the post, my husband noticed me standing there partially nude. I couldn’t help but to lust over his hot sexy body. He gave a slight wave, motioning for me to come into the field. As I walked closer to him he stopped the motion of the tractor and put it in neutral. He reached down with his big arm and pulled me up on that big machine. As he sat there, I stratled the tractor with one bare foot on each side of it. I could feel the vibration from the idling engine. As our lips touched, I ran my hands over his huge biceps and chest muscles. I could feel that his nippples were slightly erect, they felt so good. As he played with my tits he gently pushed my head down to his mid-section. My head layed in his lap, I could feel his hard cock buldging through his levis. I slolwy un-buttoned his pants and pulled out his throbbing member. I could not wait any longer, I had to suck that big thing. It was a full 8 thick inches. I knew this for sure, because as I took it deep in my mouth, I slightly gagged on it. I sucked and sucked on his dick and then sucked some more. As my head bobbed up and down my body moved back and forth. Each time I could feel something touching my pussy. I thought to myself ,that feels kinda of good. The sun was shinging bright and my ass felt very hot. As I continued slobbering all over my husbands cock, I began to feel something going in and out of me, it was the gear shift on the tractor! I could feel it vibrating in my pussy, it felt so damn good! I began to yell fuck me you big M F’er, FUCK ME. My husband then realized what was in me, he could hardly believe it. Yes I was blowing my hubby and getting fucked by his tractor. The feeling was unreal. I could not stop moving, I had to go faster and faster. As the tractor made me start to cum, I moaned with deep penetrating exhiliration. I was cumming so hard! Just as I was almost finished the fucking farmer blew his load all over my face. I was covered in hot sticky cum!! We had both achieved great orgasmic pleasure and had a wonderful experience. What can I say but , “This was just another day down on the farm or I guess I should say down on the farmer”. I love being a farmers wife, expecially when he lets me ride his tractor! See ya down on the farm.