The Great Outdoors 2

The hot shower did wonders. All fresh and clean, Pink Terry short shorts and matching halter…Hair in a pony tail. Ready to meet the day. I jogged back to camp and pulled my bike off the rack and decided to peddle up to the camp store. Just to see what’s up. I passed an older […]

The Great Outdoors

It was a beautiful day, not too hot for this time of year and yet very sunny out. I was happy to be going on a camping trip with Carmen . Carmen’s Boyfriend, Andy, who had been my first lover many moons ago, was also camping nearby with friends and I was excited to see […]

Super Bowl Betting can get you in trouble

You shook your head and smirked. It was simple really. You were a Steelers fan and I was not. So, you decided to brag and boast and when I suggested we make a bet. . . You said how about 3? Hmmm. 3? I said. Ok Let’s get started. First bet: If the Steelers have […]

The Farmers Wife

The early morning sun was shimmering through my window blind. It shined on my bare legs and ass, as I stretched and squirmed in my nice soft bed. I was only wearing a small white t-shirt because my husband and I had fooled around the night before and heaven only knows where my panties were […]

When We Met

I’m an hour early. Anxious and waiting for you downstairs in the lobby. All dolled up, of course, a slight raspberry tint to my cheeks, dark, burgundy stained on my pouty lips, and long, dark waves of hair framing my face. I picked out a sexy, sleek black dress… one that hugs me in all […]

First time anal sex with a guy

I had met guys to preform oral many many times before. Guys had fingered my ass. I play with a dildo in my ass and I love it. I had group oral sex before with 7 differant guys but could never cross over to the anal sex. I had been talking to Greg for over […]

My first threesome!

So first a little background: My boyfriend and I live almost five hours apart, and we’ve been in that long-distance relationship for the last couple years, so we’ve been trying an open relationship for the last sixth months or so. Lately, I’ve been hooking up with the same guy a lot for the last couple […]

true but up to you

This is true but at the end of it up to you   My wife & I been married for over 25 years for me sex was getting little down on me but my wife loved it We would do foreplay then fuck 2 times a week each time an hour a time. I asked […]

New Years Eve

I was away from home for NYE last year and didn’t think I was going to get a NYE kiss or anything more since I was just out with a buddy, his friend, and his friends wife. I had never met the friend or his wife until that night. She was gorgeous, about 35 years […]

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