Doctor Visit

I take my girl to an appointment with her new doctor. Per the nurse’s directions, she takes off her clothes, minus her skirt and one of those paper serape things that women get. She’s sitting on the exam table and the young, attractive doctor enters. He makes the initial small talk, asks some questions, explains the procedures, blah blah blah.

As he is washing his hands he asks her to lie back on the table. He reaches up under her top to begin the breast examination. She feels his icy fingertips graze her skin. She gasps from the chilling shock, and he backs off, asking if everything is alright. She assures him that everything is fine, and he goes back to work. His cool touch is refreshing, and she can feel her areolas tightening, her nipples growing erect. Is it from the temperature or from excitement? She isn’t sure.

He is feeling around her breasts, pushing, grabbing, looking for lumps. Luckily he finds none. “This is taking longer than usual” she thinks to herself. She is pretty sure he has covered the entirety of both of them. His touch has gotten softer as well, no longer hurried, no longer looking for anything. Just sort of wandering. “But who am I to question a doctor” she thinks, reassuring herself that this is indeed okay, and that she is okay with it happening. In fact, it’s more than okay. It’s soothing really, just like the massages she gets at the gym. Something inside her tummy begins to tingle, and just south of that, something else begins to moisten.

“Okay, you may sit up now” he says, and she does. He walks away from the table and to the counter, where he grabs a clipboard. “Sir, due to patient confidentiality reasons, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the room” I do, and I take my chair with me into the hallway. I shut the door on my way out, but it does not latch completely. The door drifts slightly ajar, just enough to see my girl sitting on the edge of the exam table. Her skirt is hiked up a little, and her legs are not crossed…

As he turns to face her, he pauses momentarily and his eyes shoot downwards. She notices. “OMG” she realizes, “My legs are wide open!” as soon as he adverts his gaze, she crosses her legs as stealthily as she can. She knows what caught his eye. Damn that bright red, satin thong. But of course he never would have seen it if she had not left her legs hanging wide open. How could she forget? “I am a respectable, well mannered woman. How could I forget such basic etiquette?” Is she really shocked about what she did? Or is she shocked about the fact that she isn’t all that upset about it, and is forcing herself to be?

He begins to ask her some more personal questions. About her reproductive health, and other such matters not normally discussed outside of very close friends. Some of the questions seem a little too personal, even for a medical professional, but she answers them all truthfully anyway. Lying to your doctor can never lead anywhere good.

“So have you engaged in sexual intercourse?”
“Yes” she timidly replies. What woman in her 20’s hasn’t?
“Have you engaged in oral sex?”
“Given or received, or both?”
“Male or female, or both?”
“Only male”
“Okay. That’s good, because same-sex activity is more likely to transmit STD’s”
“Have you ever contracted an STD?”
“Heavens no!”
“When was the last time you were tested?”
“About 6 months ago.”
“Have you engaged in sexual intercourse since then?”
“How many partners?”
“Just my boyfriend, he is clean, and got tested last when I did.”
“Well that’s good to hear. How many sexual partners have you had before him?”

She paused and thought for a second. I was listening and really wanted to hear the answer!

“Besides him, just two…. No, actually three.”

Three? She has told me about misters one and two, but now there is a mr. three? I feel a slight tinge of jealousy, but that quickly fades and I become aroused at thought of an unknown stud banging my wife-to-be.

“Let me remind you miss, that when I say “sexual partners” I mean oral sex as well as vaginal sex; any situation where bodily fluids like semen or vaginal mucous could have, or were exchanged.”
“Oh… well I guess seven then.”

SEVEN? So she has fucked one mystery guy and blown 3 others? This day just keeps getting more interesting! I can feel myself growing hard listening to them talk, and that cute nurse that keep walking by isn’t helping!

“And have you ever engaged in anal sex?”

I heard this and couldn’t help but chuckle. We have tried anal a couple of times, and I can’t imagine her embarrassment right now, that she has to admit it to someone who is going to write it down on her permanent records!

“uh… ye-yes”
“And with how many partners?”

TWO?? I’ll be having a little q&a session with her when we get home! I’m so excited I can’t wait!

She is really in the hot seat now. Disclosing all of these dirty details to someone she just met! She can’t help but fidget; it feels like there are a million butterflies fluttering around in her stomach. She is getting a similar sensation between her legs as well.

“Have you ever experienced orgasm?”

Now the questions are getting really personal. She is beginning to think this guy is a total quack! What the hell does this have to do with anything? “Screw it” she thinks. “I’ve already told him so much, might as well just give him the rest.”

“many times?”
“yes, many times”
“Of your seven partners, how many of them have you experienced orgasm with?”

This is getting strange, she kept thinking to herself. What she thought was even more strange, was that she was becoming more and more comfortable answering these questions.

“Only two”

Well, I know I am one of them. I bet the other is this “Mr. Three” that I am just now hearing about!

“Will you please remove your skirt and undergarments please? I am going to do a vaginal examination now.”

She is a little surprised at this. Since when is that part of a regular check up? She sees an OB/GYN for a reason… but before she realizes what she’s doing, her skirt and panties are long gone.

“Please like back and place your feet on the stirrups. I am going to ask you some more things, as they pertain to the examination. “

“Great, more questions” she thinks to herself as she lies back and presents her freshly shaved (and now quite wet) pussy to this strange but interesting new doctor. He scoots his little swivel chair right over, his face inches from her most private area. He parts her lips and begins his examination. He is very gentle.

“Have you ever masturbated to orgasm?”

“WHAT? Is he seriously asking me this?” she thinks. Any resistance that was left quickly disappears. He has already asked more embarrassing questions anyway. Who hasn’t masturbated at least once or twice? She responds, strangely relaxed now, with a yes.

“And do you masturbate regularly? How often?”
“Umm… somewhat often I guess”
“And by what methods? Do you use toys? What do you prefer?”

Normally she would have slapped anyone who asked her this, but in her current state she just answers plainly. She is strangely comfortable at this point. This exam table is beginning to feel like a spa, and his “examination” is beginning to feel quite good. Now is almost eager to answer his questions!

“Both. Usually toys, whenever they are available.”
“And when was the last time you masturbated?”
“Yesterday… around midday, on my lunch break.”
“And sexual intercourse?”
“Last night”
“So you haven’t had any sexual stimulation since then?”
“No… I don’t see why…”

Just then it dawned on her. She was DRIPPING wet! Now that she was paying attention to it, she could feel a small puddle on the table beneath her! Surely this isn’t what he…

“I ask this because your genitalia seems to be in a very heightened state of arousal. This is not normal for an examination such as this.”

At this point she should be freaking out, but she isn’t. She is almost in a trance-like state, and every time she is shocked out of it, she almost immediately returns, forgetting whatever it was.

Just then, she feels two of his fingers slip inside of her. This is definitely not a routine checkup! Just as she begins to ponder voicing her thoughts, his fingertips graze her g-spot and her whole body convulses.

“I’m sorry” he says. He then thinks for a second, and asks “Does my examination feel pleasurable to you?”

“Yes!” she gasps, only just afterwards realizing what she said. The explosion of pleasure inside of her had completely wiped her mind blank.

“Hmm” is the only response she gets from him. The only vocal response, I should say. He plunged those two fingers as deep as they would go into her pussy. She immediately tightened and slammed her legs shut against his arm, trapping him.

“I’m sorry” he says again. “Should I stop?”
“no… don’t” she quips, again not realizing what she said until after she says it. Her legs release his arm and fall open as wide as they could go. He pulls his hand away and walks over to stand beside her.
“I need to continue my examination”

He removes her paper top, the last thing covering her body. Now she is lying completely naked on the exam table, with this strange man standing over her. Her feet in the air, legs spread wide, and her soaking wet pussy exposed for all to see.

“I’m going to resume your breast exam. You may put your legs down if you wish”

She did not.

He grabs a handful of breast. He squeezes, and then releases. He takes one of her erect nipples, and rolls it between his fingertips. This is too much for her. Her hand shoots out from her side and latches solidly onto his stiff cock. She couldn’t even see it, as she was laying with her eyes closed, but she instinctively knew exactly where to aim, and found her mark. She grabbed him hard, slowly kneading his cock through his trousers.

One hand still playing with her nipples, he reached his other down her body, back towards her vagina. He began to part her lips, running his fingers up and down either side of her opening. He then took two of them and began to tease the opening, tracing the edge of it and pushing his fingers just a hair’s width inside. She can no longer control herself. He free hand snaps tight around his wrist and pulls him into her.

Two fingers are not enough. “More” is the only thing she manages to pant out. He retracts his fingers out and returns with three, but this is still not enough to satisfy her.

“More” she whispers.

Four fingers are now stretching the opening of her vagina. The line between pain and pleasure is blurred, and by her hand around his wrist’s command, he forces his way deeper. She whimpers.

She releases his wrists, twists to her side and undoes his pants. She yanks the waistband of his boxers and out flops the girthiest cock she has ever seen. She begins to stroke it, then guides to her mouth. She practically inhales it. His hand releases her breast, and grabs a handful of hair on the back of her head. He forces his cock down her throat, and she eagerly swallows every inch.

The sensory overload is more than she can stand, and she erupts into one of the most explosive orgasms she has ever experienced. The cock she has swallowed to the hilt muffles her moans, and the warm cum that it’s now pumping into her throat tops it all off.

After a minute she comes to, she sees him scribbling down on a piece of paper. She asks him what it is.
“I’m going to need you to return soon, for further examination.”
“Please, just fuck me now.” She begs, exasperated and short of breath.
“We are out of time. I was supposed to see my next patient 10 minutes ago.”
“I will give you a fuller, more in-depth vaginal exam next time you see me. Until then I want you chronicle each and every time you experience vaginal stimulation, be it from intercourse or masturbation. You need to remember the time, place, and most importantly what piqued your sexual interest in the first place. We will be discussing these in detail during your next visit, so that I may further gauge your overly active sexual arousal, and begin therapy sessions immediately.

“Yes, your therapy will consist of physical examinations, arousal trigger recognition, masturbation exercises, and arousal-related-stress relief, in the form of therapeutic vaginal penetration and orgasm. The amount of which depending on the severity of your condition.

She walked out of the room, slip of paper in hand. On our way to the car I asked if she liked her new doctor, and if she would like to continue to see him, or should we keep looking.
Eyes wide she exclaimed “No!”
She blushed, and explained that she felt that he was a very good fit for her, and she had made another appointment for next Tuesday.
“Oh, what for?” pretending like I didn’t know.
“Um… for uh… to continue my checkup. We ran out of time.”
“Well no need to rush I guess, because you still haven’t told me about number 3!”